What To Bring

Items and Information to Bring: Walk-ins welcomed (Appointments preferred)

  • Previous Year’s tax return and the amount paid for preparation
  • Social Security numbers and Date of Birth of all taxpayers and dependents
  • Total amount of State and Local income taxes paid in 2015

Tax Forms: Income & Investments

  • W-2’s (from Employer), Forms 1099 & 1098
  • IRA contributions, Retirement Plan contributions
  • Home purchasing documents (if purchased in 2015)
  • Mortgage Interest, Real Estate, Personal Property tax documentation
  • Purchase date(s) and total investment of stocks or property
  • Income and expenses for work performed not on W-2 or 1099 form
  • Schedule K-1

Deductions: Supporting Documents

  • Cash Donations to religious groups, schools, or charities
  • Non-cash donations to charities, including mileage driven
  • Health Care expenses, including related mileage
  • HSA contributions
  • Childcare and Higher Education Expenses
  • Student loan interest paid


  • Other Miscellaneous income and expenses: union dues, gambling, jury duty, moving etc.
  • Job search expenses and unemployment income (if applicable)
  • Alimony Paid or Received